Sterviral is Perfect

Sterviral’s silk mask is a perfect product! I have a son with a variety of allergies which often makes him unwilling to go outdoors. But Sterviral’s mask has provided him with both comfort and confidence, and he no longer hesitates to get some sunshine. Additionally, I feel a lot safer when he’s at school or playing with friends because of my confidence in Sterviral’s heat-based virus fighting technology. I know from personal experience that the mask’s fabric is absolutely exquisite, extremely soft and gentle to the skin. It is also lightweight, hardly fogs my glasses, and gets noticeably less humidity than other masks. On top of all that, the customer service is superb. The delivery was prompt, and through the company’s text message system, I was able to keep track of the delivery status in real-time. Sterviral’s fantastic customer service and high-quality product have given me and my son an unforgettable mask buying and wearing experience.

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