Comfortable and Light to Wear

I finally found a mask that is effective and comfortable for me to wear, all day long. Having gotten so many compliments on it, I went out and ordered a second to have a different color – so I have both white and black mulberry silk ones now.

I work in healthcare (not the front line), and all my patients have been asking where to get the masks. They love them so much. It has been great for my skin as well! I was starting to break out on my cheeks and chin prior to getting these masks and the breakouts have basically stopped. The additional chin clip adjustments are great too.

I actually wore mine when I went to get my hair done and it worked perfectly! I’ve hand-washed both and they dry perfectly too (and much quicker than my cotton masks). It has an inner piece called a face cover cloth. I can just wash and replace that. I feel like these can be dressed up or down since they are silk. The cable can be removed and you can wear the mask as it is. I plug in the cable at my workspace and have the heating on all day and if I am going out I detach the cable so both ways it works well for me. These really have been a game-changer for me!

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