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Traditional face masks may play an important role in preventing pathogens from spreading; however, we are still trapped in a historical severe worldwide pandemic so far. A scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur, William Tan from Toronto, Canada, hopes to take the existing face masks up a notch to one that can create a high-temperature seamless once-for-all protective barrier for your nose and mouth – ITHAS Mask.


ITHAS face mask from Sterviral is designed to keep you better protected from illness-causing bacteria and viruses. The electrical face mask intelligently forms a seamless thermal barrier around your nose and mouth. This barrier reaches a temperature as high as 55°C – 90°C. It is known a sufficiently high temperature can kill or deactivate almost any kind of bacteria and viruses. Though certain chemicals, medicines, and vaccines may also help to fight bacteria and viruses, Sterviral ITHAS is the only solution that ensures to do so without any harm and side-effects possible to the human body. The high temperatures, auto shut-off, and timer can be configured with a long press of a button. The mask uses a standard 5V from a USB port or power bank.

Because of the electrical heating, the mask is comfortable to wear year-round, especially in winter when many diseases are spreading. The heat generated inside the mask lowers a little humidity to allow the user to feel less stuffy. The temperature difference also increases air circulation, removing more carbon dioxide and bringing in more oxygen. All make the mask more breathable, comfortable, less smelly, and comfortably wearable for a longer time. Though the center temperature of the mask layer is high, the mask is always easy and gentle to your skin due to the novel, safe-layered design.

The reusable face mask is made of flexible, durable, and highly efficient materials and layers that can be bent and washed. The face mask is also designed to be light, clean, comfortable, durable, reusable, and stylish. All the components are small enough to fit inside a small carrying pouch.

Do not worry, and you will never lose your protection on the road. Sterviral provides two powerful juice packs in your package. When you are on one of the slim batteries, the other one can be fast-charged or prepared to switch.

We have seen a substantial rise in the demand for face masks worldwide which leads to a rising footprint and a whole new bunch of environmental-related problems. You can buy a facemask anywhere, right from a local grocery store to an online amazon vendor these days, but no mask can provide functionality and 100% protection. Either the material used is of poor quality, which has to be thrown away after a couple of uses, or the design has several loopholes. There also is an increasing demand for fashionable face masks. Sterviral identified the niche in the market and came up with the ITHASHeated Face Mask Kit that offers luxury, comfort, reusability, and value for money all at the same time.  Sterviral aims at offering you that one mask that does all the work, and you won’t have to keep investing in facemasks anymore.


Sterviral is a completely new mask concept in that it also contains a replaceable face cover cloth at its most inner layer besides all the other filtering layers you can find in other masks. The replaceable face cover layer can be washed and replaced daily; this makes the heated face mask as clean as a disposable face mask but as durable as a reusable one.

The Sterviral face masks initially come in two kinds of fabrics that is the Mulberry Silk and 100% Heavyweight Organic Cotton. To prevent breakouts and acne caused by facemasks, Sterviral uses supreme quality cotton and top-quality mulberry silk. Due to its unique hydrophobicity or ability to repel water and heat, silk successfully helps prevent more droplets from being soaked into a face-covering than any other material. Therefore, it achieves gentle on the skin but hot in the core.

Wellness is the new luxury in today’s times, and Sterviral is here to make you feel safer and more luxurious! It’s not just a facemask; it is a LIFE and STYLE.