Sterviral masks are electrically heated face masks or respirators (EH Mask). The first generation EH Mask is called the Sterviral ITHAS EH mask, or simply ITHAS mask. They are built based on globally patent-pending technologies. The inventor is William Tan.
An ITHAS respirator/mask forms a seamless thermal barrier that reaches a high core temperature around the nose and mouth. ITHAS is the only respirator/mask on the market that: (1) Uses High Temperature; (2) forms seamless heat for best possible protection; (3) No side effects; (4) Safer and better air circulation for more oxygen, less CO2, and humidity; (5) No foggy glasses anymore; (6) Warm and comfortable on winter days; (7) More portable and breathable for long-term wearing.
Not at the moment. Even we believe Sterviral masks will help greatly, Sterviral is now only for Non-Medical applications. The medical certification may be carried out soon.
No. Sterviral EH Masks are globally patented technologies. That means, only Sterviral can manufacture and serve you!
Our face masks are one size fits all adults. They feature elastic loops to stretch around your ears and an adjustable rod in front that allows for expansion around your nose and chin. We will provide one size for kids soon. 
Our face masks are all currently hand-made (under a strictly sanitary environment) and carefully crafted in Ontario. Due to the global demand for face mask materials, it may take up to 1 or 2 weeks before your item can be shipped to you. This does not include the time it takes for shipping.
Delicate Cold water gentle hand wash according to your usage. Do not machine wash. Do not machine dry. For regular usage, you may wash every one or a few weeks. Suggest wash or replacing face cover cloth every day for the best safety and comfort. Also, suggest using or replacing the filter every day.
Please read the policy page on the Sterviral website.

Sterviral Return Policy

We do not think so. Please read the cost calculations here. Costs Comparison

Considering otherwise it will cost you the same amount of money on disposable masks for two whole years, ITHAS mask is reusable and last beyond two years, protect wide-range of pathogens and their future mutations, no side-effect, much more comfortable to wear for a long-time - more oxygen, less carbon dioxide, humidity, and foggy glasses, and fully self-manageable, ITHAS is actually a GREAT DEAL and ONLY SOLUTION in a sense.

As the production quantity goes up, Sterviral masks price will go down eventually in the future.