What is Sterviral Reusable Heated Face Mask?

In response to COVID-19, Sterviral™ introduces a ground-breaking product – Electrically Heated Face Mask ITHAS. It is built from a PATENT-PENDING technology that, for the first time, creates a seamless thermal barrier that reaches as high as 55°C – 90°C around the nose and mouth area. It is well-known that the high temperature can kill or de-active almost any kind of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, Sterviral holds a wishful mission to protect human beings from COVID-19 and its future mutations. 

The Sterviral masks were invented by William Tan, who is an esteemed inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, and president of the Association of Canadian Inventors (ACI) from Toronto Canada.

How does It Work?

The core temperature may be high because it generates the heat inside the mask. However, your face and skin are always safe and feeling gentle and comfortable due to the multiple layers design. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mask also increases the air circulation that is removing more carbon dioxide and bringing in more oxygen. All the above factors make the Sterviral ITHAS mask more breathable, comfortable, odorless, and wearable for a longer time. The heating helps to reduce the humidity inside the mask. And the dryer air helps to prevent fogging in glasses. Steriviral masks guarantee no side effects and are completely safe to use.

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Heating Face Mask 5 layers

Lab Test Results

How Is It Built?

Sterviral roots its mission in the belief that business should be a part of natural environmental solutions, not a barrier towards it. We aim to provide the best quality and operate in a sustainable and minimal-waste way. Sterviral crafted the masks with 100% pure Mulberry Silk and Premium quality Cotton. Silk fabric is antibacterial. This makes our masks comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time without any irritation. All the components are light and small to fit inside a small carrying case which is very portable.


Your Benefits

In summary, after owning a Sterviral ITHAS heated face mask, you won’t have to:

  • Ask if you are safely protected from many diseases;
  • Worry about contact infection through face mask;
  • Suspect unreliable mask sealing;
  • Be worried about side-effects of any current vaccine;
  • Be afraid of future pathogen mutations;
  • Keep washing your masks and worry about hygiene;
  • Invest in new face masks more often;
  • Add waste and pollution to the earth;
  • Breathability and comfort issues that prevent you from long-time wearing masks.
heated face mask

Where to Buy a Reusable Heated Face Mask?

Sterviral is a suitable choice for conscious consumers. Consumers can pre-order the electrically heated face mask Sterviral ITHAS now online on our website www.sterviral.com/shop. The Sterviral face masks are currently NOT intended for medical use yet.

With our cutting-edge patent-pending technology, we all can save ourselves from this PANDEMIC together!

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